P0341 Code: Camshaft Position Sensor ”A” Circuit Range/Performance

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p0341 code displaying on an OBD-2 diagnostic tool

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P0341 code definition

Camshaft position sensor “A” circuit range/performance.

What does the P0341 code mean?

When you see the P0341 code, it’s usually referring to a camshaft position sensor circuit that’s been triggered by an intermittent fault. The PCM is checking for any voltage changes in this circuit and comparing it with what it expects based on how long the engine has been running. If there’s a mismatch between what it sees and what was expected, then you’ll get that error code thrown up on your screen.

How serious is the P0341 code?

The P0341 code is not a serious one, and it can be fixed easily. You should not worry about any damage to your vehicle as long as you have access to the right tools and parts. The do-it-yourselfer will have no trouble replacing this sensor once they have removed it from their engine bay.

What are the symptoms of the P0341 code?

The P0341 code is a generic OBD-II trouble code that applies to several different makes and models. The symptoms of this code will vary depending on your vehicle, but they may include:

  • Engine Light illumination
  • Rough running engine
  • Engine will not start

How does a mechanic diagnose the P0341 code?

To diagnose the P0341 code, a mechanic will:

  • Check for codes.
  • Check for symptoms.
  • Look for vacuum leaks and fuel leaks on the engine and in its hoses. If you’re having this problem, it could be caused by an internal leak that isn’t obvious from looking at the outside of your car; so make sure your mechanic checks everywhere!
  • Inspect spark plugs to see if they’re worn out or damaged

How to fix the P0341 code?

The first step to fixing this problem is to replace the camshaft position sensor. If you’re not sure how to do that, consult your owner’s manual or a mechanic.

Once you’ve replaced it and cleared out any codes, test drive your car to see if the P0341 code returns. If it does return after a few days of driving and testing, then there may be another issue with your vehicle that requires further investigation by an expert mechanic.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0341 code

The following are common mistakes:

Checking the camshaft position sensor connector. The connector is usually okay, but it’s worth checking. If you’re not sure how to check a connector, see our DIY Guide for more information on how to do so and what symptoms indicate that you need to replace it.

Checking the camshaft position sensor itself. The camshaft position sensor can be tested with an ohmmeter; if you don’t have one and want to test this part yourself, see our DIY Guide on testing sensors with an ohmmeter (it’s very easy). If you have access to one and want confirmation that your part is bad before ordering a replacement, then go ahead and test it! However, and this is important, if your car has been running fine until now without codes being thrown or any symptoms of trouble arising from this area of operation (such as hesitation upon acceleration), then chances are good that replacing yours won’t fix anything!